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I read somewhere (note: citation lost in my bookmarks folder) that missing meals can be a migraine trigger. I've been somewhat dubious about this, except recently I've noticed it as a definite trend in my migraines. I get super hungry, can't find something to eat (I'm out, no food, unprepared, yadda yadda), headache comes knocking. However, I have also read that hunger itself is a sign that a migraine is coming. So which is it, the chicken or the egg?

All I know is that today I noticed a slight head pain and a gnawing hunger....I told my partner I needed food NOW, we ate, I had a giant (caffeinated) soda, put on my sunglasses, and that seemed to ward things off.

Thankfully, because after last week's epic migraine I don't think I could have faced another one. (Why do they always hit on Mondays? I don't even start work on Mondays, I work part time on weird days? WTF, brain?)
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