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Jan. 16th, 2012

killing_rose: I'm not on no yellow brick road. I've got a mind and a heart and guts of my own. (Yellow Brick Road)
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Dear Chiropractor:

I <3 you. No, for serious. I've gone from migraines every couple days to maybe once a week. Maybe. That said, I don't particularly have funds and that thing called insurance. So thank you for working out a payment plan.

Dear Body:

It'd be awesome if we could get down to one visit to the chiro a month. As of right now, I can feel the ache building, and I don't have another appointment until Thursday. I think. My brain's the consistency of soup at the moment, and I don't quite remember where I wrote it down.

Dear Ache-That-Signals-Pain:

Good lord, how long have you been building? Are you why I was generally Stereotypically Blonde at work today? Because if you are--and I suspect you are--I am not amused.  Neither is my printer, which had to do three projects over several times.

Also. If you've decided after 10 years to start corresponding to my hormones, I might be a wee bit perturbed. I'm just saying. I noticed the coincidental timing.

Dear Meds:

I don't miss you. I mean, I miss abortives a little bit, but not noticeably enough to think that you were doing as much good as my doctor swore you were.


Jan. 16th, 2012 10:47 pm
lizcommotion: four different colored panels of the MRI image of a brain (headache)
[personal profile] lizcommotion
Dear Chocolate,

You are fucking delicious. Why do you have to cause so much pain and yet be so irresistible? I know, know, know that if I eat you there's at least a 50% chance that I will get a migraine. And yet tonight when some kind person at the knitting group laid out a platter of chocolate cookies I couldn't resist. You just overloaded my "don't do that" buttons and I wanted you so bad and suddenly I ate one of you. And then the taste was so great - the taste I'd resisted for over a month week and suddenly I'd had three cookies. And now I'm starting to get pain in the back of my neck and that is a Bad Sign, and I reallllly don't want to get a migraine.

Please can we be buddies?


Dear Headache Comm,

Things have been quiet lately, and I'm usually the one who makes posts. I have fun with the letter-style of [community profile] fucking_meds  and [community profile] fucking_docs . If you have any headache-related frustrations you'd like to vent, feel free to do so in one of those formats - or any others you so choose!


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