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Feb. 14th, 2012 10:27 am
wyldbutterflies: (Default)
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I suffer from headaches that went from just the average headache to full-blown migraine status over the last couple years. There are many reasons why I could be getting them, but I what I want to ask about is symptoms.

I usually get visual disturbances, sensitivity to light or sound, occasional nausea, and a few other things that make me want to rip my head off with my bare hands. But the other day I experienced something new that seemed to be a precursor to the migraine.

Does anyone else experience sensitivity on their scalp prior to or during a migraine? For example, I noticed (a good day before the actual migraine pain) that my scalp was sensitive to pressure. And right before the migraine (a few hours before) my hair began to hurt when touched our brushed - for example, it was if I had been wearing a ponytail tightly all day, or if I was wearing a cap full of little needles with a sunburn on my head.

Anyone else experience this strangeness?
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