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for those who suffer from tiny gnomes weilding knives inside their skulls

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Name:Headache Support
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A community for those with chronic and/or acute headaches
(Note: bio shamelessly adapted from that of [community profile] anxietysupport)

Welcome to [community profile] headache! This community was made for anyone who experiences headaches of whatever variety (migraine, tension, sinus, you name it). Open discussions, requests for advice, and sharing of experiences are encouraged! Chances are you're very much not alone.


Stay On Topic: This is a headache community so please keep discussions related to headaches as much as possible. Posting daily events are fine as long as the content ties into headaches, for example, "I ate chocolate and now I have a migraine, do I have to stop eating chocolate forever and ever?"

Advertising another community is allowed, provided that the community is directly related to headaches and disorders that tend to go along with it. Examples: depression, fibromyalgia, arthritis, menopause, PMS, etc. Please make advertisements non-invasive! If you want to post pictures, ads, banners or videos, please place them under a cut with a short description.

Respect is important so be polite. Fighting will not be tolerated. Respectful disagreement is different than fighting. Whenever you feel a strong surge of negative emotion toward another poster, it's a good indicator that things are getting too personal. Stop. Sit on your hands. Take the disagreement elsewhere. If you have a problem with an entry made by another member contact a mod first, don't take matters into your own hands.

Please try to check your privilege at the door (for example, if you never ever have headaches and you have an acute one because you have a cold, understand that those suffering from weekly migraines may be less than sympathetic if it is the WORST PAIN YOU HAVE EVER FELT.) Conversely, try not to measure whose pain is "worse"; it doesn't matter if migraines or sinus headaches are worse. They both suck.

Various kinds of -isms (racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.) and abuse will not be tolerated. If you feel someone is abusing you please contact the moderator. This is not something you have to deal with on your own. In addition, I will try to do my best to keep a look-out for any such types of situations.
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